J-Soul - Glace EP

Black Hole

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J-Soul - Glace EP
1. Glace
2. Placed In The Dark

J-Soul, better known as Andrey Zhavoronkov, is a young DJ/producer from Russia who was signed to Moonbeam's own label Moonbeam Digital in 2010. His early singles, from which the first one was released in 2008, initially appeared on Anjuna Beats, Freestyle and Akustika. During that time Andrey delivered an impressive list of remixes for others and joined forces with Blackfeel White on "Indi Space" and with Re-Zone on "Shizzy Disko". For this brand new EP, J-Soul entered the studio by himself and proudly presents the tracks "Glace" and "Placed In The Dark". “Glace” is also the title of J-Soul’s upcoming album.

The "Glace EP" is a set of uncompromising progressive singles for the deeper and definitely hours-long live sets. Bringing the full soundscape of his productions sharply into focus, one can't help but race to the dance floor when the DJ puts either "Glace" or "Placed in Dark" on. Where the synth programming of "Glace" brings a cool summer breeze on top of almost acoustic sounding drums to the audience, "Placed In The Dark" indeed brings an intensely percussive, dark track that refers to the magic of producers like James Holden, Sasha and Digweed. Get yourself the "Glace EP" today and add these well structured gems to your tracklist.

Track list

  • 01
    By J-Soul
  • 02
    Placed in the Dark
    By J-Soul