Il Santo featuring Eighty - Summertime


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Wildlife 688-1
Il Santo featuring Eighty – Summertime
1. Roy Malakian Remix  

The name of this track is quite self-explanatory, as it will take you fast forward into the summertime. Together with Eighty, Il Santo has delivered a nice house track with his signature laidback sound. The Roy Malakian remix will make sure you’re transported right to a club lounge or a hammock on the beach, with its chilled out house vibe.

Il Santo is a composer, record producer and sound designer from the beautiful city of Rome, Italy. With his band DauniaOrchestra, one of the most well known bands In Italy that mixes jazz with world music, he has been performing on several international jazz festivals. Thanks to various encounters with DJ’s and artists his interest in dance and electronic music was sparked meaning he sometimes makes a detour outside jazz. He previously released music on ChinChin Records, Big Mama’s House and Black Hole Recordings. In January 2014 he reached the chill out top 10 on both Beatport and iTunes.

Currently No 13 at the Radio One Lebanon Charts

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    Summertime (Roy Malakian Remix)
    By Il Santo featuring Eighty