Ikorus - Minotaur

Outburst Records

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Ikorus - Minotaur
1. Original Mix

Ikorus is part of the architecture here at Outburst HQ and after a steady release of finely tuned tech-trance bangers, he continues his Greek mythological trend with his latest track earning the title Minotaur. Currently an exclusive on Mark’s Outburst 500 album, this now gets to see the full light of day. Glorious sub-bass, detuned mid-bass elements and crisp percussion form an air-tight groove that carries you along through twists and turns straight to the heart of the breakdown, where some classic SVD style detuned leads and stabs arise that will tear you to pieces. Ikorus’s minotaur has you trapped in his labyrinth, only the brave may leave. 

Track list

  • 01
    Minotaur (Original Mix)
    By Ikorus