Ido - The New Day EP

Black Hole

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Ido - The New Day EP
1. The New Day
2. Connected

Ido's "Voice of Reason EP" and "Fully Charged EP" finally see a worthy follow up with the "The New Day EP". Once again setting the pace in the land of tech-trance, Ido serves the titles "The New Day" and "Connected".

Ido will always be known for his releases as the mastermind behind the project known as Save The Robot. Save The Robot hits like “Red City”, “Compassion”, “Big Ben” and countless remixes for other artists put his moniker on the map of the electronic dance industry forever. Early 2013, he decided to use his own name for his new productions and began life as a 100% solo producer altogether and entered the scene with his previous two track EPs, titled "Voice Of Reason" and "Fully Charged". As with his Save The Robot productions, Ido keeps up the output for his self-named project, this time with his "The New Day EP".

Once again beating the competition to the punch with his own unique sound, Ido rolls out a thick carpet of synth-heavy tech trance with both "The New Day" and "Connected". Not afraid to layer electro and progressive elements in his compositions, Ido creates a pleasant tension with sub-bass driven beat programming and ascending string sweeps. Absolutely perfect for outdoor DJ sets, "The New Day EP" is ready to roll.

Track list

  • 01
    The New Day
    By Ido
  • 02
    By Ido