Halum & Gabry Cantoni - Grimlock

Neurals Records

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Halum & Gabry Cantoni - Grimlock
1. Original Mix

Does it sound like an Italian track? No, ‘cause if it sounds like an Italian track, we’ll give up. But Neurals Records (Media Records EVO Group) will not stop at unquestionable judgments: it’s proud, with full of energy, in clubs, in the charts, among hundreds of feedbacks and thousands of mp3’s. Halum and Gabry Cantoni are two young heroes of which Italy is proud of. Grimlock is their track, it’s a kick, cutting into the lower-belly, splitting woofers and making the hearts of trance lovers fly. This is one of those tracks that will surely become a reference in many recording studios. It’s so perfect; a martial sequencer, a military progression, a choice of artillery sounds, capable of conquering the whole planet.

Track list

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    By Halum & Gabry Cantoni