Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Seri - Gave Me

Black Hole

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Black Hole 591-0
Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Seri - Gave Me  
1. Extended Mix
2. Chris Schweizer Remix 
3. Ronski Speed Remix 
4. Radio Edit 

This summer, collectively ‘Cold Flame’, ‘Feel The Music’ and ‘Waterpark’ brought a rapturous floor-smacking track-trilogy to club-land. Now, Giuseppe changes the game again, converging on another freshly different  ‘Magenta’ shade from his sophomore long-player. Heeding ‘Gave Me’s vocal call is the super-talented New York City-based singer/songwriter Seri. Fluent in English, Cantonese and Hindi (and having previously sung in all three), the award-winning vocalist brings her exotic, enchanted reflexion to another sure-fire Ottaviani anthem.

First out off the grid for the release is Giuseppe’s stunning Extended Mix. He builds up & out from the Original ‘Magenta’ vision, splicing new FX and grafting new layers of toughened progressive onto its production structure. Having teased Seri’s echoing harmonics through the intro, he liberates the full rush of the vocal, allowing it to entrance, chapter & verse.
Through her moving tones & lyrical authenticity, Seri first simmers and then all-out sears on ‘Gave Me’. Backed by GO’s lush, spun melodics and matching her note-for-note, Giuseppe fashions ‘Gave Me’ thrillingly convincing coda.
With DJ Mag hailing ‘Gave Me’ as “one of the best song-led tracks from ‘Magenta”, Ottaviani’s passed the track’s keys to two highly skilled remixes. Elevating it to euphoric altitudes, Ronski Speed pops its hood, drops a surging, thunder-hearted trance engine inside and uses Seri’s vocal to push his remix over the red line. 

On his remap Argentina’s Chris Schweizer opens up more club floor terrain for ‘Gave Me’. Developing the remix with speaker buckling bass, he places some warp-and-distort pressure on it. Shot glass sized measures of electro, a touch of FX’d glitch and a big mod-wheel-flicked synth-line see his remix across the finish line.

Take these battle weapons girls and boys… and show Autumn whose boss! 

Track list

  • 01
    Gave Me (Extended Mix)
    By Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Seri
  • 02
    Gave Me (Chris Schweizer Remix)
    By Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Seri
  • 03
    Gave Me (Ronski Speed Remix)
    By Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Seri
  • 04
    Gave Me (Radio Edit)
    By Giuseppe Ottaviani featuring Seri