Giuseppe Ottaviani & Christian Burns - Brightheart

Black Hole

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Through its already-out-there Original & Extended versions, the moodier, more emotionally evocative side of Giuseppe’s new single has been amply taken care of.

Today though, with the release of his mightily aerodynamic On Air remix-uptick, ‘Brightheart’ pushes the needle in an altogether more energetic direction.

In pursuit of that, Giuseppe thunders up ‘Brightheart’s drums, brings some extra flint to its percussion and rumbles the track’s bass frequencies that much deeper. Further in, the Italian delivers a tougher, marginally techier feel to its sub-riffs and greater vroom to its mainline payoff. In turn, Christian Burns’ supremely catchy vocals assume a rhapsodic, altogether more uplifting nature.

Whether you’re looking to spin ‘Brightheart’ on deeper, more progressive floors or you’re using it as your end-of-the-night strike, all your mix-tools are now at hand! The On Air mixes debuts today. 

Track list

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    Brightheart (OnAir Mix)
    By Giuseppe Ottaviani & Christian Burns