gardenstate - Journal Space


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Avanti 594
gardenstate - Journal Space
1. Extended Mix
2. Original Mix

Marcus Schossow & Matthew Felner are gardenstate. Schossow is of course a man whose production and DJ credentials need no introduction, and Felner is widely known in industry circles as one of the men behind the New York promoter power house of Esscala. What they share is a love of subterranean, deep brooding groves, fused with infectious yet spacey melodies. Journal Space is their debut record on Avanti under the legendary Black Hole Recordings label to give their more deep melodic trance roots a breathe to within where they started off this relationship, in New Jersey the Gardenstate. Journal Space is an omen to the area where Felner lives in Jersey City, Journal Square, to the diversity of multicultural ethnic backgrounds that surrounds the area. Not only is it a deep melodic record but also with a subtle kick that will send you into outer space along with the guys on this amazing journey of a record.

Track list

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    Journal Space
    By gardenstate