Freestylers - You and What Army

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RAD 053
The Freestylers - You And What Army
1. Extended Version
2. Marcus Jakes Remix
3. Manufactured Superstars & JQA Remix
4. Marcus Jakes Dub Mix
5. Extended Dub Version
6. Radio Edit
7. Marcus Jakes Radio Edit

The Freestylers proudly present their second single "You And What Army" as the follow up to their recent smash "The Coming Storm". Included in the full package are exclusive remix treatments by Marcus Jakes and Manufactured Superstars.

With the presentation of their previous hit single, The Freestylers not only launched a bona fide assault on the music scene with a unique blend of dub and jungle, but they also announced the release of their upcoming album by the same title "The Coming Storm". Two years of painstaking, hard work had finally paid off: Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey are back with all the hallmarks of a classic Freestylers sound, but spectacularly ramped up for the new era.

For the single release of "You And What Army", The Freestylers decided to expand from the album version by teaming up with one of the U.K.'s hottest new talents: Marcus Jakes. The Cardiff based DJ/producer, known from his remixes of Animist's "Tin Head" and Kinky Movement's "Loco Love", built up quite a reputation with his exciting synthesis of garage, 2step and deep house. Jakes approached the original from a deephouse/garage, subtly Balearic angle on the old skool tip and tailor-made "You And What Army" for the sun-soaked live sets of this year's season.

Second act to deliver a remix are the NASA apparel sporting Manufactured Superstars. The DJ/producer duo from Denver, U.S., reaped high acclaim with their singles "Freak On You", "Drunk Text", "Serious", "Silver Splits The Blue" and "Top Of The World" and stun audiences all over the world with their highly reactive DJ sets. The Manufactured Superstars gave "You And What Army" a main room/electro house makeover that will have the party goers pump their fists in the air.

The Freestylers showcase their versatility as producers with "You And What Army" and once again knuckled down to bring out the best for DJs and the people on the dance floor.

Supported by: Tocadisco, Ian Carey, Steve Aoki, Eddy Temple Morris, The Scumfrog, Shawn Sabo, DJ Jeroenski, David Dunne, Dennis Verheugd, Lea Luna, George Acosta, MC Flipside, DJ Sasj, Dennis van der Geest, Jesse Voorn, Smart Apes, Riccardo Sada, Ruslan Cross, Johan de Kock, Lence, 601, Shadowfall, Kim Fai, Dave Schiemann, Sam Hopkins, Miss Elektrik, Mark Brower, DJ VICE, Iversoon, Aad Mouthaan, Flash Brothers, Thomas Coastline, Robert Gitelman, Kyau & Albert, Alekos, Bobina, Brian Fink, Tom Leclercq, Matan Caspi, Mallorca Lee / Don't Delete UK, Gareth Stirling, Stanley Foort, Tjerk Coers, Fresh FM, Stefan K and many more.

Track list

  • 01
    You and What Army (Extended Version)
    By Freestylers
  • 02
    You and What Army (Marcus Jakes Remix)
    By Freestylers
  • 03
    You and What Army (Manufactured Superstars & JQA Remix)
    By Freestylers
  • 04
    You and What Army (Marcus Jakes Dub Mix)
    By Freestylers
  • 05
    You and What Army (Extended Dub Version)
    By Freestylers
  • 06
    You and What Army (Radio Edit)
    By Freestylers
  • 07
    You and What Army (Marcus Jakes Radio Edit)
    By Freestylers