Franbeats and Julius Beat - Memories

Black Hole

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Black Hole 496-0
Franbeats & Julius Beat - Memories
1. Original Mix

Franbeats and Julius Beat present their new single “Memories” on the Black Hole imprint.

Franbeats, an upcoming talent from Chile, had singles on the New York based System Recordings imprint, which also released tracks by such big names as Sasha, John Digweed, James Zabiela, Miss Kittin, Christopher Lawrence and many others. He has his radio own radio show on Insomnia Radio in Bulgaria, also the home of artists like Umek, Miss Nine, DJ Tarkan and Steve Lawler. Franbeats' music also received the support from Carl Cox.

The talented young DJ/Producer from Antioquia, Colombia, Julius Beat is still going strong in the world of electronic dance music and released a wide range of singles already, such as “Our Feeling” and “Get Mad” with D.E.R., “Pure Love” and “Blue Light” with Eddy Karmona, “New Home” and “Greater Than Yourself”. Julius recently teamed up with D.E.R. again to deliver the single "The Mansion" and also did a remix of Daniel Wanrooy's "You Say It'll Be Okay". Now he joins forces with the Chilean Franbeats for the brand new "Memories".

It is safe to say that “Memories” is a wild track that brings together the best of both worlds in techno and trance. The more or less distorted synth line on top of a rough beat program combined with a touching break keeps the track well within the realm of trance, but with a sharp edge that keeps the party going.

Supported by: Robbie Rivera, Giuseppte Ottaviani, Andy Duguid, Eddie Halliwell, Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), Rafael Osmo, Bobina, Mark Sherry, Roger J (The Voice Denmark), Steve Anderson, Riccardo Sada (DJ Mag Italy), DJ Sasj, Alex O'Rion, Eddie Sender, M.I.K.E., Riley & Durrant, Ronski Speed, David Casto (iDJ Pool), Fred Baker, Julius Beat, DJ MarQ, T.O.M., Robert Gitelman, DJ Joop, Walsh & McAuley, Dimitri Kechagias, Kyau & Albert, Flash Brothers, Shadowfall, Andrea Mazza, Lisa Lashes, Darren Tate, Karanda (DI.FM), Danilo Ercole, Simon Budziszyn, Kamil Jaworski, Matt "MyStro" S, Haris C, Vicky Devine and many more!

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    By Franbeats and Julius Beat