Fabio Macor - Keep the Lights Off EP


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MLCL 032
Fabio Macor - Keep The Lights Off EP
1. Keep The Lights Off
2. In Their Arms

This is Fabio’s 4th release on Molecule, previously he has shown the varied nature of his productions and this is no exception.

First up is ‘Keep The Lights Off’; with an 80’s flavor to the triplet timing and raw-sounding analogue synth lines this is something very interesting on the Italo Disco tip. A distorted sine-wave lead introduces the addictive hook which is weaved and morphed to within an inch of its life. The 2nd track ‘In Their Arms’ is something completely different on the deep dark techno tip; a very minor key progression leads the charge and other pensive elements create a heads-down druggy atmosphere. Double Whammy.

Track list

  • 01
    Keep the Lights Off
    By Fabio Macor
  • 02
    In Their Arms
    By Fabio Macor