e11even11music presents Roger Shah & LeiLani - Essence of Life

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e11even11music presents Roger Shah & LeiLani - Essence of Life
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When you think of cinematic music, your mind takes you to intense drums, emotional strings and teleporting vocals. You will find all of this and more with e11even11music’s debut of their first single release, Essence of Life. Just the title alone will get you asking questions like, ‘Why are we here?’, ‘What is the true meaning of existence?’. You will receive all these answers as you dive into this track and let it take you to the movie reel in your mind that sets us all free from reality and deeper into our heart and passions. Will you allow yourself to discover what the ‘Essence of Life’ is? While on your quest, keep an ear out for e11even11music’s highly anticipated album Guardian of Dreams being released this year. www.e11even11music.com Instagram: e11even11music Facebook: e11even11music YouTube: e11even11 music

Track list

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    Essence of Life
    By e11even11music presents Roger Shah & LeiLani