Dylhen - Memories + Topaz

Coldharbour Recordings

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Dylhen - Memories + Topaz
1. Memories
2. Topaz 

Taking pride in showcasing new talents through Coldharbour, we welcome exciting new progressive trance talent Dylhen to the label family, with an appealing two-track presentation through Memories and Topaz. Hailing from the English midlands, Dylhen's work in the beginning of 2017, both individually and alongside Ultraviolet friend and colleague Paul Thomas, was quickly noticed and supported by Markus Schulz, with his name cropping up on Global DJ Broadcast playlists at an increasing rate. Emphasising bassline-driven originals on the progressive slant but with an energetic touch, both Memories and Topaz are ideal for those interested in the long form art of DJ sets that begin early in the night. With both Memories and Topaz, your options are well bolstered.

Track list

  • 01
    Memories (Extended Mix)
    By Dylhen
  • 02
    Topaz (Extended Mix)
    By Dylhen