Donna-Marie (NZ) - Close Your Eyes / Plush / Falling

Perfecto Black

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Donna-Marie (NZ) - Close Your Eyes / Plush / Fallin
1. Close Your Eyes 
2. Plush
3. Fallin

We are delighted to welcome New Zealand's Donna-Marie to Perfecto Black, serving up an awesome 3 track EP of delectable progressive house music. Close Your Eyes is pure progressive, with deep, brooding bass, hypnotic percussion, beautiful atmospheres, a killer synth line and those haunting vocal cuts. Plush takes a slightly deeper turn, with hypnotic bass and rhythms, subtle atmospherics, simple plucks and melody lines, again with those signature vocals from Donna. Falling finishes off the EP with a more romantic twist. Signature sounds but with a pumping, disco-tinged feel on this one. One for the late night floors.

Track list

  • 01
    Close Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
    By Donna-Marie (NZ)
  • 02
    Plush (Extended Mix)
    By Donna-Marie (NZ)
  • 03
    Falling (Extended Mix)
    By Donna-Marie (NZ)