Dmitry Globa - La Aurora Boreal


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La Aurora Boreal is the work of Ukranian producer Dmitrij. The track is gorgeous downtempo soundscape, rolling cut up breaks and percussion underpin the lush pad and piano layers, and later on some warm bubbling synths filter up and wash over the listener.

The club cut is from Molecule stalwart Nick Stoynoff, who has taken the key elements, warped them and weaved them into a deliciously deep prog tapestry. Percussively intricate with a deep insistent groove, Nick adds a fabulous retro house tinged bassline and a surprising orchestral break. Pure quality.

Track list

  • 01
    La Aurora Boreal
    By Dmitry Globa
  • 02
    La Aurora Boreal (Nick Stoynoff Remix)
    By Dmitry Globa