DJ Tiësto - Magik Six

Black Hole

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“Magik Six: Live In Amsterdam”, originally released in the year 2000, continued the success of the series that DJ Tiësto started on his Black Hole Recordings label. Eventually settling DJ Tiësto’s reputation as the Number 1 DJ Of The World that be became later on, the pivotal Magik series covered seven volumes. “Magik Six: Live In Amsterdam” now sees its highly anticipated rerelease for the first time in the digital domain.

The unique nature of this sixth volume is shaped by the presence of live audience in the mix. The mesmerizing style and sound that had created the first five editions of the series now came to life right there where it always happened: in the club, behind the turntables. All the excellent high quality music everyone was used to was now played live by DJ Tiësto; everything recorded for CD release at the same time. And while the master himself played a steady string of classic trance cuts full of  moving, melodic, sometimes symphonic and, most importantly, highly emotional electronic dance music, the people who were there that night chanted, whistled and screamed and their enthusiastic ambience can be heard in the mix. That night, the 23rd of June 2000 at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, marked another major achievement for the soon to be superstar DJ. Superb titles such as “Silent Cry” by Fire & Ice, “Voyage” by Yahel, “Purple Cloud” by The Swimmer, “Till We Meet Again” by Push, "Escape From Nowhere" by Airwave, the fabulous "Cloudwalking" by Pulser and many others present the massive sound of Tiësto, live, as if you were there. Once again we also find DJ Tiësto’s own alias productions like “Wasteland” by Kamaya Painters and of course the remix that became an anthem: "Silence" by Delirium in DJ Tiësto's In Search Of Sunrise Remix.

Finally all Tiësto fans can happily add this rerelease to their collection. The digital download of “Magik Six: Live In Amsterdam” comes in a complete package, featuring the original continuous DJ mix plus unmixed versions of the fifteen original tracks as used for the actual CD release. Most of these classics have always remained vinyl-only releases and nowadays sell well in online auctions, so this just might be the only opportunity ever to finally own them.

For the first time released in the digital domain, “Magik Six: Live In Amsterdam” is finally available in all its audiophile luster, including all unmixed single tracks; another must have and crucial rerelease for every Tiësto fan and collector!

Track list

  • 01
    North Pole
    By Afterburn
  • 02
    Eyeball (John Johnson Remix)
    By Sunburst
  • 03
    Voyage (12” Version)
    By Eyal Barkan & Yahel
  • 04
    Surreal (En-Motion Remix)
    By Free Radical
  • 05
    Silent Cry
    By Fire & Ice
  • 06
    Purple Cloud
    By The Swimmer
  • 07
    Silence (DJ Tiësto's in Search of Sunrise Remix)
    By Delerium
  • 08
    Viola (Armin van Buuren Remix)
    By Moogwai
  • 09
    By Kamaya Painters
  • 10
    Sixty Nine Ways
    By Cloud 69
  • 11
    Escape from Nowhere
    By Airwave
  • 12
    Gothic Dream (John Johnson Remix)
    By Dawnseekers
  • 13
    Till We Meet Again (Album Mix)
    By Push
  • 14
    No Hesitation
    By Vincent de Moor
  • 15
    Cloudwalking (Astral Mix)
    By Pulser
  • 16
    Magik 6 (Continuous Mix)
    By DJ Tiësto