Denis Laurent - Drops / Shine


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Molecule Recordings 031
Denis Laurent EP
1. Drops
2. Shine

Hailing from Magnitogorsk, Russia and with previous releases on Intricate Records, Silk Textures and Nueva Digital - Denis Laurent’s sound is high-end progressive house.

Two tracks here which compliment each other. With ‘Drops’ it’s a case of ‘less is more’: smooth sub-bass and sharp, crisp percussion are the bedrock of the piece. Warm pads and full-bodied piano expand the atmosphere at the break, then it’s once more into the groove. On the flip is ‘Shine’, a pulsed bass and keys riff together with crunchy clap provide the groove, a plucked arpeggio riff and some smooth pads add the topping. Blissed Out.

Track list

  • 01
    By Denis Laurent
  • 02
    By Denis Laurent