Dark Matter - For the Better Anyways

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Dark Matter - For the Better Anyways
1. Extended Mix

Dark Matter is back on Create Music with an absolutely stunning track. For The Better Anyways starts with inspiring atmospheres that induce shivers, out of which rises a rolling throbbing bassline and kick. Now you know this track means business. As the sustained chords distance themselves from you, hi-hats appear and the bassline starts to growl. Dark arps and vocal chops direct you to the opening. A jagged melody is revealed in the clearing and chord pads add more emphasis to the melody along with an additional bright saw layer. The drop is yet another dimension in the track, with a chord stab full of urgency and tension being the main element riding the bass. Earlier percussion and vocal elements return and the story feels complete. This is mature, authentic trance at it's finest. Check it!

Track list

  • 01
    For the Better Anyways (Extended Mix)
    By Dark Matter
  • 02
    For the Better Anyways
    By Dark Matter