Danny Stubbs & Evan Henzi - Stormwalker

Perfecto Records

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Danny Stubbs - Stormwalke
1. Extended Mix
2. Original Mix

One of 2020’s most memorable collaborations on Perfecto Records is undeniably the triple collab between producers Danny Stubbs, Kristina Sky and singer/songwriter Evan Henzi. That was of course High Tide. This year Danny returns to Perfecto with a fresh joint venture, with Evan on vocal duties once again. Their new creation is called Stormchaser and it is a special one indeed. Silky grooves unfold amongst harmonious, deep melodies, tight percussion and bittersweet piano keys which pair up quite nicely alongside Evan’s dramatic vocal aesthetics, bringing that extra ounce of color and theatrics to this extremely emotional driven tune. Deep sentimental tuneage that will resonate far within your soul.

Track list

  • 01
    By Danny Stubbs & Evan Henzi
  • 02
    Stormwalker (Extended Mix)
    By Danny Stubbs & Evan Henzi