Cuzzy Cuz - Unicorn Rider

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Rub A Duck 057
Cuzzy Cuz - Unicorn Rider
1. Unicorn Rider
2. Unicorn Rider (ft. Doobious ) (Trap Remix)

Cuzzy Cuz (Zürich, Switzerland) isn't new to the electronic dance industry. Nowadays active under various monikers, he started in 1998 as DJ Freaza, which is an act focusing on hiphop and dance hall. In 2011 he was eventually nominated for the Best Black Music DJ Award at the Swiss Nightlife Awards. Spreading his wings to embrace different styles of music like dubstep, trap, drum 'n' bass and electro -sometimes even mixed with reggae and hiphop- he conceived his alter ego Cuzzy Cuz. Cuzzy hosts several residencies in Zürich, at venues like Kaufleuten Club and Hearterei and over the years he played alongside names such as Bloody Beetroots, Knife Party, Steve Aoki, Don Diablo, P Money and Yves La Rock. 

"Unicorn Rider" is as unique as its title and rolls out a complex track that sports a tight recipe of trap mixed with dubstep, topped off with drum 'n' bass influences. Rattling percussion takes turns with Jamaican voice samples, while at the same time the sub-bass of the kick seems to turn up the heat. The Trap Remix of "Unicorn Rider" features Doobious and stays close to the original, but with a definitely different style. Whether you ride the groove or the unicorn, "Unicorn Rider" puts the name Cuzzy Cuz on the map.

Track list

  • 01
    Unicorn Rider
    By Cuzzy Cuz
  • 02
    Unicorn Rider (Trap Remix)
    By Cuzzy Cuz & Doobious