Casey Barnes & Mark Shine - Livin' Like a Love Song

Black Hole

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Black Hole 533-0
Casey Barnes & Mark Shine - Livin' Like A Love Song
1. Remy Le Duc Remix
2. Somna Remix
3. Mike Ivy & Nimo Iero Club Mix

Casey Barnes started his singing career in his home state of Tasmania, before relocating to the Gold Coast, which he now calls home. At the start of 2011, his defiant "Never Break You" became an anthem after the devastating Queensland floods and Cyclone Yasi. The song soared to number one and set Casey's name in stone. The people of Australia got to know Casey’s story when he was a top 12 finalist in the final series of Australian Idol in 2009. But Casey already had a career before appearing on the show, having released three albums, played alongside Bryan Adams, and had a number one hit on the European dance charts, singing Marco Demark’s remake of Elton John’s Tiny Dancer.

Now debuting his track "Livin' Like A Love Song" on the Black Hole imprint, Casey Barnes hits the world's dance floors. The single features both Casey and Jamaican singer Mark Shine and was recently recorded in New York.

“Livin’ Like A Love Song” sheds new light on Casey’s previous solo releases and perfectly displays his versatility as a singer/songwriter. On top of an infectious, laid back groove, the vocals reach an enticing sing-along level and make for an outstanding vocal house track. Reworking the original version in three new remixes are Remy Le Duc, Miky Ivy & Nimo Iero and Somna.

Track list

  • 01
    Livin' Like a Love Song (Remy Le Duc Remix)
    By Casey Barnes & Mark Shine
  • 02
    Livin' Like a Love Song (Somna Remix)
    By Casey Barnes & Mark Shine
  • 03
    Livin' Like a Love Song (Mike Ivy & Nimo Iero Club Mix)
    By Casey Barnes & Mark Shine