Carl B. - Whatever Happens

In Trance We Trust

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In Trance We Trust 525-0
Carl B EP
1. Whatever Happens
2. In Control

Carl B presents his brand new EP on the In Trance We Trust imprint, featuring the tracks “Whatever Happens” and “In Control”.

Most DJs that play lengthy and carefully built up trance sets, the material of Carl B is always welcome for mix transitions to big tracks with incredible synth and string programming. “Whatever Happens” is the perfect example. Carl opens the title with truly bulldozing beats, almost as if a techno track just hit the decks. But beware for Carl B’s break here, ‘cause that’s where the entire production turns into a deep and emotionally hard hitting deep trancer. “Whatever Happens” opens all the registers on the synths and the rising arrangement of the strings eventually top the whole thing off. Killer track, typical for the In Trance We Trust sound.

On “In Control”, we get to enjoy another side of Carl B’s production skills. Opening at a rather laid back BPM, he rolls out a true landscape of music packed in a smooth swaying trance cut that would even do perfectly in the live set of progressive DJs that aren’t afraid to add melody to their track list. The most climatic part of the break is the unexpected but marvelously overwhelming and towering use of long winded trance chords. Call it one of those classic productions that has a true story telling value in it. The new Carl B EP with “Whatever Happens” and “In Control” make it clear that big trance can still deliver big hit singles!

Supported by:
Rank1, Andy Duguid, Above & Beyond, Talla2XL, Stoneface & Terminal, Orjan Nilsen, Simon Budziszyn, Mark Norman, Gareth Emery, Space RockerZ, Mark Sherry, Steve Anderson, Sean Tyas, Darko Wandem, Eddie Halliwell, Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), Julius Beat, Blake Lewis, Dimitri Kechagias, Marc Zims, Dj Joop, Dj Feel, Ronski Speed, Mallorca Lee, Jorn van Deynhoven, Dj Sasj, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Lange, Flash Brothers, Markus Schulz, Keith Bowden, Lisa Lashes, Andrea Mazza, Binary Finary, Pulser, Ronski Speed, William Daniel (Tillate Magazine), Ashley Wallbridge, M.I.K.E., tyDi, Artento Divini, Jochen Miller, Blake Jarrell, Stuart Millar, Pedro Del Mar, Dj Ram and many more!

Track list

  • 01
    Whatever Happens
    By Carl B.
  • 02
    In Control
    By Carl B.