Blister 13.0 - Sin Ojos


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Blister 13.0 - Sin Ojos  
1. Original Mix 
2. Cormac Murphy Remix 
3. Oliver Prime Remix In Green

Blister 13.0’s 3rd outing on Molecule here, and 3 times is certainly a charm with Sin Ojos. This is +9 minute musical journey through the sound of crystalline progressive house by a man who understands how to make arpeggiators and sequencers truly breathe. Mesmeric layers pulse and rotate, weaving an atmosphere of deep eyes-closed bliss throughout the mix, building to unparalleled peaks. First on the remix tip is Northern Ireland’s Cormac Murphy who dives into deeper territory, stripping things back to a pulsing bassline, lo-fi percussion and minimal melodic elements. Finally Austria’s Oliver Prime ratchets things up a touch with a swing-driven teeth-baring burbling and filtering acidic mix. This is real progressive house.

Track list

  • 01
    Sin Ojos (Original Mix)
    By Blister 13.0
  • 02
    Sin Ojos (Cormac Murphy Remix)
    By Blister 13.0
  • 03
    Sin Ojos (Oliver Prime Remix In Green)
    By Blister 13.0