Blister 13.0 - Con Leire


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Moleule Recordings 036
Blister 13.0 - Con Leire
1. Original Mix
2. Molecule Edit 

Blister 13.0’s second outing on Molecule is here. If you thought ‘Lunes’ was unusual, this will turn your head once more. This is real progressive house, not that rubbish which trades itself off as such. Blister a.k.a. Julio knows how to programme a synth to make it really talk, his arrangements are interesting and full of surprises. ‘Con Leire’ fuses 606 and 808 percussion with other analogue synth favourites making appearences as they weave in and out of the track’s intricate +10 minute structure. The Molecule Edit is merely a shorter more concise simplification of the track. Mesmeric. 

Track list

  • 01
    Con Leire (Original Mix)
    By Blister 13.0
  • 02
    Con Leire (Molecule Edit)
    By Blister 13.0