Blister 13.0 - Barrio de Gracia

Pure Progressive

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Blister 13.0 - Barrio de Gracia
1. Version Diurna Extended
2. Version Nocturna Extended

More head-spinning uniqueness here from Spain’s Blister 13.0. His sound is experimental – to say the least – heavily layered electronics, unpredictable arrangements, dark musical progressions – it’s just very, very different. Barrio de Gracia is accompanied by a rather unsettling video, in which it’s possible to finally see the man behind this brilliance. For braver DJs.

Track list

  • 01
    Barrio de Gracia (Version Diurna Extended)
    By Blister 13.0
  • 02
    Barrio de Gracia (Version Nocturna Extended)
    By Blister 13.0