Betsie Larkin - We Are the Sound

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Magik Muzik 1190-0
Betsie Larkin - We Are The Sound
1. Futuristic Polar Bears Remix
2. Chris Metcalfe Remix
3. WSTLNDR Remix

Betsie Larkin unleashed her new floor-bound solo single roof-raiser, We Are The Sound in January. Club propelling beats, bleepily effective chiptone FX and Betsie’s shuttling vocal harmonics all conspire to set We Are The Sound up for the night ahead.

Through her uplifting tones and crowd-rousing lyrics, she once again brings her vocal A-game to a track that simply can’t help itself! With a production packed with flaming pitch bent riffs, catchy-as M1 piano lines and more bass-bounce than is strictly healthy this early in the year, the track is primed to rock 2016 right off the grid!

Producers were in line to remix Betsie’s club smasher and the result is this remix pack with mixes by Futuristic Polar Bears, Chris Metcalfe Remix and WSTLNDR, who all bring their characteristic sounds to the table. The Futuristic Polar Bears take the club smashing a little further in their remix, delivering a bouncing electro house tune perfect for the big festival fields. Fierce trance is what you get from Chris Metcalfe! Big beats, an uplifting rhythm and a chance for Betsie’s vocals to shine in the break. For fans of deep house we have a remix by WSTLNDR who bring us a mellow and rich version of the original.  

Track list

  • 01
    We Are the Sound (Futuristic Polar Bears Remix)
    By Betsie Larkin
  • 02
    We Are the Sound (Chris Metcalfe Remix)
    By Betsie Larkin
  • 03
    We Are the Sound (WSTLNDR Remix)
    By Betsie Larkin