Bartlett Bros. and Amex - Illuminate

Black Hole

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Black Hole 368-0
Bartlett Bros & Amex - lluminate
I1.Fabio XB Rework // 2.Amex Remix // 3.Aurosonic Remix // 4. Yves De La Croix Remix

The Bartlett Bros & Amex join forces for this new single entitled “Illuminate” on the Black Hole imprint.

With “Illuminate”, the Bartlett Bros and Amex have given us and every DJ on the planet a superb and undeniable hitrecord for their playlists on any given live event. Those that are truly into really well produced vocal trance will have a blast hearing it when you are behind the decks. Some of us will even be reminded of the Magik, Lost Treasures or early ISOS volumes. A magnificent arrangement, sparse but ever so prominent vocals, a killer break and deep, chilling synths that seem to climb higher and higher. Just listen to it, play it loud and be amazed.

Remixers this time were Fabio XB, Amex, Aurosonic and Yves De La Croix. They all stayed true to the basics of the original version but created unique versions that are absolutely tailor made for various kinds of trance sets. Get the Bartlett Bros & Amex today and “Illuminate” your dance floor!

Supported by:
Armin van Buuren, Sied van Riel, Michael Paterson, M.I.K.E., Jochen Miller, Above & Beyond, Andrea Mazza, Darko Wandem, DJ Sasj, Dimitri Kechagias, Bobina, Rachel Rixham, Kris O’Neil, Markus Schulz, Ruben de Ronde, Lisa Lashes, Jon O’Bir, Miss Nine, Marc Zims, Julius Beat, Eddie Sender, Pedro Del Mar, Blake Jarrell, Danilo Ercole, Andy Moor, Rank 1, Paul Mendez, Simon Budziszyn, Ton TB, DJ Joop, Bart Claessen, Existone, Riley & Durrant, T.O.M. Amex, Steve Anderson, Space RockerZ, tyDi, Dazzle, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ronski Speed, Gareth Emery, Mark Sixma, John O’Callaghan, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Tempo Giusto, Oliver Lang, Jason van Wyk, Mallorca Lee, Phynn, Matt Cerf, Alkatraz, Menno de Jong, William Daniel (Tillate Magazine), B.E.N., Mark Loverush, Stuart Millar, Leon Bolier and many more.

Track list

  • 01
    Illuminate (Fabio XB Rework)
    By Bartlett Bros. and Amex
  • 02
    Illuminate (Amex Remix)
    By Bartlett Bros. and Amex
  • 03
    Illuminate (Aurosonic Remix)
    By Bartlett Bros. and Amex
  • 04
    Illuminate (Yves De La Croix Remix)
    By Bartlett Bros. and Amex