Baby Doc & Lab4 - War Dance

HTE Recordings

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Baby Doc & Lab4 - War Dance
1. Extended Mix / Original Mix
2. (Extended) Batteria MIx

Next up we push the envelope even further as two undisputed legends of the UK underground go head to head on this very experimental euro-clash. These guys are both known for having no fear for new ideas within their music, and here they have opted to take on a native American war dance to devastating effect. Coming in two very different mixes, one slightly 'safer' than the other, but we will let you decide on that! If you are looking to add something a bit different to your next Hard Trance set, This will certainly grab peoples attention! 

Track list

  • 01
    War Dance (Extended Mix)
    By Baby Doc & Lab4
  • 02
    War Dance (Extended Batteria MIx)
    By Baby Doc & Lab4