Askani - Passages of Time

Perfecto Black

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Askani - Passages Of Time
1. 1962 (Extended Mix)
2. 1972 (Extended Mix)
3. 1982 (Extended Mix)
4. 1962 (Original Mix)
5. 1972 (Original Mix)
6. 1982 (Original Mix)

Next up we have a 3 tracker from Askani, Passages Of Time. Spanning 3 decades in the artist’s mind, we're delighted with this release and to welcome Askani to the label. 1962 is an atmospheric, arp driven affair, with layered synth lines and pulsing rhythms that just grooves. One for the late-night floors. Also heavily atmospheric, 1972 takes a deeper turn, whilst retaining the hypnotic theme of this EP. Pulsing beats and distant melodies run alongside spoken samples to form a delectable piece of progressive house music. 1982 completes the release, with haunting ancient chants, hypnotic rhythms and beautiful, evolving pads that shouldn't fail to please any discerning dancefloor.

Track list

  • 01
    1962 (Extended Mix)
    By Askani
  • 02
    1972 (Extended Mix)
    By Askani
  • 03
    1982 (Extended Mix)
    By Askani