Asi Givati - Massive


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Avanti 500-0
Asi Givati - Massive
1. Original Mix
2. Daiv Mimram Remix
3. Dor Dekel Line Out Remix
4. DACH8 Remix

Asi Givati presents his debut single “Massive” on the Avanti imprint.

The Israel based DJ/producer Asi Givati made his name in the industry with his hit single “Vibe” in 2008. He’s also known from his single with Katie Jewels entitled “I Won’t Cry”. As a remixer, Asi also worked on songs like “I Fell In Love” by Rockell, “Start To Move” by Fang & Massive, “Sound Of Disco” by Joachim Garraud and “I See Fire” by Cybersutra ft. Jacinta. He now makes his debut on the Black Hole Recordings sub label Avanti with “Massive”.

“Massive” is a bass heavy, slightly techno style production. With a few nods and winks to the classic sound of early tech trance / techno tracks from the mid nineties, Asi Givati has created one of those attractive, say, underground sounding beauties that creates plenty of possibilities for a live mix with three turntables at the same time. A “Massive” DJ track.

Supported by: Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell, Fedde Le Grand, Adam K, Richie Hawtin, Riccardo Sada (DJ Mag Italy), Rafael Osmo, Fred Baker, Mike Shiver, Jeremy Golden, T.O.M., DJ Vice, M.I.K.E., Pedro Del Mar, Ashley Wallbridge, Lange, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Andy Duguid, Dimitri Kechagias, Dazzle, Aeonism, Stoneface & Terminal, Aerofoil, Paul Mendez, Ronski Speed, Riley & Durrant, Jochen Miller, Miss Nine, Trance In France, Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), Amo + Navas, Airtight, Darren Tate, James Hannan, Ronski Speed, Karanda, Paul Trainer, Danilo Ercole, Mr Pit, Kamil Jaworski, Matt "MyStro" S, Harris C, Vicky Devine, Eddie Sender, Bobina, John Dragon Cathy, Stuart Millar, Tempo Giusto and many more!

Track list

  • 01
    By Asi Givati
  • 02
    Massive (David Mimram Remix)
    By Asi Givati
  • 03
    Massive (Dor Dekel Line Out Remix)
    By Asi Givati
  • 04
    Massive (DACH8 Remix)
    By Asi Givati