Andy Leka - Otter


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Avanti 512-0
Andy Leka - Otter
1. Original
2. Philip Aelis Remix

Making the move from the DJ decks to the recording studio, Andy Leka debuts with his stunning debut single “Otter”.

Andy Leka established quite a name in the circle of DJs in Rimini, Italy and Switzerland in his early years. As a resident of Rimini’s known Life Club, where he’s been working since 2003 he has always been known for the big parties. In the off-season of Rimini, DJ Andy Leka DJs at festivals all over Italy and other countries like Switzerland, The Netherlands and Germany. In 2009 Andy became resident DJ of Saint Trop Club in Thun, Switzerland. He has been on stage with several big names like DJ Roog, Afrojack, Don Diablo, Benny Rodrigues, Gregor Salto, Sunnery James, Ryan Marciano, Ricky Rivaro, Chuckie, Billy the Klit, Partysquad, DJ Antoine, Bobby Burns and many more.

Andy's super-charged "Otter" offers an outstanding exercise in tech trance on the electro house tip. Combining whizzing electronic sounds with a strong build up, the theme drives the party to a climax. Philip Aelis stays true to the original arrangement, but adds a sharper edge to the synth and beat programming making this debut by Andy Leka an exciting sonic package.

Track list

  • 01
    By Andy Leka
  • 02
    Otter (Philip Aelis Remix)
    By Andy Leka