Andain - Turn Up the Sound

Black Hole

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Black Hole 453-0
Andain - Turn Up The Sound
1. tyDi Remix
2. Francis Preve Remix
3. Xtigma Remix

Andain present their brand new single “Turn Up The Sound” on the Black Hole imprint.

Andain (Josh Gabriel and Mavie Marcos) have a history of divine electronica, spine-tingling lyrics and considerable patience. The band began in 2000 and after their first single “Summer Calling” and follow-up “Beautiful Things” (best known for the Gabriel & Dresden Remix, now a classic, sporting over 20 million views on Youtube) their name was launched into instant celebrity.

Andain just finished working on their brand new artist album and already released the successful single "Promises" which appeared on many compilations, and reached #13 in SiriusXM’s BPM Top 51 of 2011. In support of the album, the single "Much Too Much" was released, accompanied by a beautiful video directed by Jamie Redford. The third single was handpicked by Andain and now “Turn Up The Sound” sees the light of day in a state of the art remix package.

The original version of “Turn Up The Sound” is a powerful production with a deeply emotive character and the perfect canvass for Mavie's soaring vocals. The three remixes here all retain that style, but each approach the dance floor in a different way, techy, trancey; it’s all there. Now “Turn Up The Sound”!

Track list

  • 01
    Turn Up the Sound (tyDi Remix)
    By Andain
  • 02
    Turn Up the Sound (Francis Prève Remix)
    By Andain
  • 03
    Turn Up the Sound (Xtigma Remix)
    By Andain