Alex O'Rion - The Bigger Room EP 2: The Green Room

Black Hole

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Alex O'Rion - The Bigger Room EP 2 - Green Room
1. Who I Am Today (Original Mix // 2.Who I Am Today (Club Mix) // 3.Inside The Music Box // 4.Dragons For Breakfast // 5. Who I Am Today (Rough Dub Mix) // 6.Who I Am Today (Radio Edit)

In the continuing story of Alex O’Rion’s Bigger Room EP, he now presents EP 2, the Green Room, with “Who I Am Today”, “Inside The Music Box” and “Dragons For Breakfast”.

This in fact is the second release in the series, with the fourth and last still coming up, so there still plenty of new Alex O’Rion material to enjoy and look forward to. “Who I Am Today” is a superb vocal trancer with a lovely techy feel to it. Alex created a clear and transparent arrangement, which gives plenty of room to the vocals. The bass is nice and deep and the spacious synth programming adds a superb big room atmosphere after the break. A superb track for the big events and one to have with you when you’re on the road as a performing DJ. Both the Club Mix and the Rough Dub have subtle differences but will work perfectly for the DJs that have different sets and audiences in front of their booth when they’re performing 5, 6 or more times a week.

“Inside The Music Box” and “Dragons For Breakfast” are the two extra titles in the EP; all cuts that deserve attention. “Inside The Music Box” is one of those smooth and still powerfully driving trance that will keep the party going. A clubby lead-in and a tremendous theme that culminates into a superb break; floorfiller time. For “Dragons For Breakfast”, Alex opened up his box of tricks to create a stunning progressive production. Get ready for a crisp and throbbing arrangement that will eventually lead to a trance influenced break, but that still will keep the progressive influence in it.

Alex O’Rion’s “Bigger Room EP2” is a fabulous addition to every one’s collection!

Track list

  • 01
    Inside The Music Box
    By Alex O'Rion
  • 02
    Dragons For Breakfast
    By Alex O'Rion
  • 03
    Who I Am Today (Rough Dub Mix)
    By Alex O'Rion
  • 04
    Who I Am Today (Radio Edit)
    By Alex O'Rion