Alex O'Rion - The Bigger Room EP 1: Blue Room

Black Hole

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Black Hole 364-0
Alex O’Rion - The Bigger Room EP 1: The Blue Room
1.Changing Pace // 2.Jumper // 3.The Jabberwocky (Original Mix) // 4.The Jabberwocky (Club Mix)

Alex O'Rion presents his brand new EP, entitled "The Bigger Room, Part 1". Released on our Black Hole imprint, the EP includes the titles "Changing Pace", "Jumper" and "The Jabberwocky" in both the original and club mix.

"Changing Pace" was the first track of the EP that was released as the prelude to the EP. With "Changing Pace", Alex sets a new standard in trance production and delivers a driving track that will work perfectly for both progressive and trance DJs. An incredible theme is what it is all about and the melody is both symphonic as it is dramatic; a real hitsingle for the ones that are into deep and touching songs like this. Listen closely to what happens after the intro has introduced "Changing Pace", 'cause it is right there and then that the production really changes pace and moves towards a 4/4 beat pattern with an arpeggiated synth line in a different rhythm. The end result is an exciting basis for the theme of the track that comes to full bloom, a moment that will give the people on the dance floor goose bumps. Many will focus on the break and put their hands in the air to enjoy the tight 4/4 beat programming again.

Also make sure to check out the solid tech trancers "Jumper" and "The Jabberwocky". The latter displays some interesting and subtle differences between the original and the club mix, so keep your ears peeled. "The Bigger Room EP, Part 1" by Alex O'Rion is an excellent piece of work that makes us all curious for Part 2!

Supported by: Darko Wandem, Pedro Del Mar, DJ Ram, Ronski Speed, Existone, Miss Nine, Steve Anderson, Andrea Mazza, Michael Paterson, DJ Sasj, Julius Beat, Mark Schulz, T.O.M. Dimitri Kechagias, Amex, Stuart Millar, Dazzle, Lange, Blake Jarrell, Phynn, Shipstad & Warren, tyDi, Eddie Sender, Menno de Jong, Gareth Emery, Danilo Ercole, JPL, George Acosta, Talla2XL, Sied van Riel, M.I.K.E., Johan Gielen, Robbie Rivera, Sander van Doorn, Simon Budziszyn, Bobina, The Viceroy, Steve Helstrip, Riley & Durrant, B.E.N., Flash Brothers, Tritonal, William Daniel (Tillate Magazine), Mallorca Lee, Kristina Sky and many more.

Track list

  • 01
    Changing Pace
    By Alex O'Rion
  • 02
    By Alex O'Rion
  • 03
    The Jabberwocky
    By Alex O'Rion
  • 04
    The Jabberwocky (Club Mix)
    By Alex O'Rion