Albert Keyn - Brother's Signs

In Trance We Trust

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In Trance We Trust 511-0
Albert Keyn - Brother's Signs
1.Original // 2.Dub Mix // 3.Chill Intro Mix

Albert Keyn presents his latest single entitled “Brothers’s Signs” on the In Trance We Trust label.

Get ready for a good old vocal trancer and allow yourself to be taken away by the mesmerizing sounds of Albert Keyn’s production. Knowing that the big outdoor events of summer are already on the way, it’s clear that “Brother’s Signs” will work perfectly as a hands in the air track when you’re DJing in front of a few thousand people. It’s Keyn’s classical build up, the layered synths and strings that work their way to the break and that’s where everyone can take a rest and enjoy the incredibly smooth vocal part of the arrangement, right into the moment where the climax kicks in. Light- and video jockeys will know how to perfectly set up a scenery with this one.

The dub mix was added as an extra for the DJs that focus on the true instrumental trance sets and for the ones that will enjoy a sunny day at the beach after dancing in the club all night Albert Keyn added the Chill intro mix. “Brother’s Signs” is the perfect example of a stunning vocal trancer!

Supported by:
Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Andre Le Fort, DJ Sasj, Fabio XB, M.I.K.E., Andrea Mazza, Danilo Ercole, T.O.M., Dazzle, Jorg Zimmer, Blake Jarrell, Darko Wandem, Paul Mendez, Simon Budziszyn, Space RockerZ, Lange, Dimitri Kechagias, tyDi, Flash Brothers, Mallorca Lee, DJ Ram, Giuseppe Ottaviani, JPL, William Daniel (Tillate Magazine), Lisa Lashes, Michael Paterson, Bobine, Phynn, Bart Claessen, Mr Sam and many more!

Track list

  • 01
    Brother's Signs
    By Albert Keyn
  • 02
    Brother's Signs (Dub Mix)
    By Albert Keyn
  • 03
    Brother's Signs (Chill Intro Mix)
    By Albert Keyn