Aerofeel5 - Vong


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Avanti 471-0
Aerofeel5 - Vong
1. Original
2. Digital Mess Remix
3. Sezer Uysal Remix
4. Minitronix Remix
5. MassTek Remix
6. Ivan Wasquez Remix

Aerofeel5 presents his new single on the Avanti imprint, entitled “Vong”.

Once again a killer tech trancer that comes with a deep rolling bassline and funky beat programming. The subtle use of arpeggiated synth chords add a playful feel to the allover song and especially the teasingly long break will trigger cheers from the audience. As soon as you play this one, you immediately can imagine how it will work on the party people; whether you’re planning a tech trance or progressive live set.

The extensive remixes in this package are all thoroughly reworked versions of the original and will work perfectly for the serious DJs. It’s recommended to seriously listen to all of them, ‘cause even though the style of choice is progressive, even the trance / tech trance DJs will find their version of choice. Aerofeel5’s “Vong” is one hit record not to be missed!

Supported by:
Erick Morillo, George Acosta, Dave Seaman, Judge Jules, Gareth Emery, John Askew, Jochem Hamerling (Slam FM), Riccardo Sada, Fox MacLeod, Eddie Sender, Charles Mc Thorn, Julius Beat, Eric van Kleef (Slam FM, Clubbin’), David Casto (iDJPool), Sven Schäfer (Raveline), Markus Schulz, DJ Mikas, Dimitri Kechagias, Dylan Warren (Proton Radio), Santerna, tyDi, Gerard Russchenberg (Unity FM, Club Madness), Amex, Tjerk Coers (Fresh FM), Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), Johan Gielen, Riley & Durrant, Kid Massive, Lizzie Curious, Tom Leclercq and many more!

Track list

  • 01
    By Aerofeel5
  • 02
    Vong (Digital Mess Remix)
    By Aerofeel5
  • 03
    Vong (Sezer Uysal Remix)
    By Aerofeel5
  • 04
    Vong (Minitronix Remix)
    By Aerofeel5
  • 05
    Vong (MassTek Remix)
    By Aerofeel5
  • 06
    Vong (Ivan Wasquez Remix)
    By Aerofeel5