Aeonism - Swirl EP


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Songbird 330-0
Aeonism - Swirl EP
1. Swirl
2. Twilight

Aeonism present the brand new Swirl EP on the Songbird imprint. The featured tracks are “Swirl” and “Twilight”.

The still elusive producer name Aeonism (not to be confused with the belief/religion of aeonism) initially made name through a collaboration with Empire of the Sun. Now showcasing his own skills, Aeonism delivers two outstanding deep trance tracks that have earned the respect of the Songbird imprint. Both “Swirl” and “Twilight” are extensive, instrumental works of art that could have easily been added to any given episode of In Search of Sunrise.

Even in a progressive live set, many DJs will be able to play both titles of the EP in a back to back sequence. The trance jocks that aim for the more dubby trance sessions will also find two tracks of choice in Aeonisms “Swirl EP”!

Track list

  • 01
    By Aeonism
  • 02
    By Aeonism