Adam Nickey - Perfect Destiny [Remixed & Reissued]


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Adam Nickey - Perfect Destiny  
1. Moonsouls Remix
2. Part II
3. Ambient Mix
4. Alexey Selin Remix
5. Go! Dream’s Ambient Rework

Rewind to 2006 and a classic release on the now defunct Deepblue Recordings - Adam Nickey’s ‘Perfect Destiny. The recent mixes from Winkee and Allende scored a home run, now we follow up with another new mix on the 138bpm trance tip from Moonsouls, which stays faithful to the beautiful melodies and progressions from the original whilst giving it a modern peak time trance sheen. Additionally this package reissues the 2005 mix package which have been unavailable for some time, including the Original PT II version & Ambient Mix from Adam himself, Alexey Selin’s rework and also a previously unreleased chillout version from Go! Dream.

Track list

  • 01
    Perfect Destiny (Moonsouls Remix)
    By Adam Nickey
  • 02
    Perfect Destiny (Part II)
    By Adam Nickey
  • 03
    Perfect Destiny (Ambient Mix)
    By Adam Nickey
  • 04
    Perfect Destiny (Alexey Selin Remix)
    By Adam Nickey
  • 05
    Perfect Destiny (Go! Dream's Ambient Rework)
    By Adam Nickey