7th District featuring Siri Svegler - Running In Circles

Royal Plastic

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7th District featuring Siri Svegler - Running In Circles
1. Slavaki Extended Remix
2. Slavaki Remix

Recording artist, DJ and producer, Elusive Records label owner, Slavaki combines organic and synthetic elements to create his minimalist sound that is groovy and functional, and yet beautifully soulful. His releases found favor with numerous people of distinguished musical taste, and got hailed by artists as diverse as Slam, Ekkohouse, Silicone Soul, Brother’s Vibe, Agoria, Ziggy Kinder, Mihai Popoviciu, Acid Pauli, Miss Jools, Alexi Delano, Tom Dazing, Pascal Feos, Chris Carrier, Terry Francis to name but a few and found praise on the pages of De:bug, Ibiza-Voice, Klubbers, and radio stations such as Paris One Radio, Freaks Radio Show, Ibiza Global Radio, Medellinstyle and Radio DEEJAY. Definitely, something to play loud!

Track list

  • 01
    Running In Circles (Slavaki Extended Remix)
    By 7th District featuring Siri Svegler