2nd Phase & Stevie Wilson - Ballistic + Hells Bells

Techburst Records

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2nd Phase & Stevie Wilson - Ballistic + Hells Bells
1. Ballistic
2. Hells Bells

2nd Phase are on a mission to spread their highly infectious techno grooves and joining them on this occasion is fellow Scottish techno-maestro Stevie Wilson, adding his lethal techniques to the mix. Together they bring the noise to TBR with a mind-blowing EP that's packed full of potential energy that’s highly combustable! Ballistic is a full-fire aural assault on your senses. A jacking and hypnotic groove, catchy techno stabs and DIY missile instructions all combine to give us one of our favourite releases from the lads this far. Hells Bells storms along like a nitro-fuelled juggernaut. Dubbed out stabs and coarse percussive hits create another groovy-yet-banging techno monster that completes the package in style. This is an essential collaboration fresh from the alchemist’s lab! Miss it, miss out!

Track list

  • 01
    By 2nd Phase & Stevie Wilson
  • 02
    Hells Bells
    By 2nd Phase & Stevie Wilson