Royal Plastic is an electronic music label founded in 2005 by producer and dj Lorenzo al Dino. Started in Vienna, has a strong presence on Ibiza island.

It mainly engages in the production of Lounge, House and Deep House music.Royal Plastic is also the home of the compilations Jockey Club Sessions, On the Beach and Mountain de Luxe. 

Royal Plastic enjoys international reputation for the quality of its productions and for collaborate with internationally renowned producers to create songs and remixes. Its successes include the original cover versions of songs likeLullaby, Wicked Game or The sound of  Silence and original songs like What deep can do or Hypnotized

Royal Plastic

Latest releases

Tiburon Beach Club Formentera 6
Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here
Music [Come On]
Wish You Were Here
Mountain Deluxe Vol. 6
Wish You Were
Running In Circles
Tiburón Beach Club Formentera 5
Tiburón Beach Club Formentera 4