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Subculture is defined as a cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture. This definition is still as relevant now as it has ever been to John O’Callaghan’s respected Subculture imprint. Originally starting out as a record label that’s known for its consistency and its solid, quality releases. Subculture has quickly developed into much more than just another record label. It has long been responsible for launching and developing the careers of the brightest talents that the Electronic music world has to offer. Today Subculture has matured into a forward thinking concept that now embodies a successful Radio Show, multiple Compilation Albums and sought after Merchandise. Not forgetting the Events that have touched all four corners of the globe including sold out tours in Argentina, Australia, Holland, United Kingdom and the USA to name just a few. The Subculture brand continues to inspire, impress and will always remain true to the original principles on which it was founded. Subculture can be encapsulated by these three little words: The Good stuff. The question is: will you be a part of it? Website Soundcloud Website John O'Callaghan Facebook John O'Callaghan Twitter John O'Callaghan Youtube John O'Callaghan Soundcloud John O'Callaghan

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