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Drizzly Eclipse

The record company DRIZZLY MUSIC was founded in Frankfurt in 1993. Drizzly Music is one of the eldest and still active independent record companies in Germany. With over 500 vinyl releases, Gold and Platinum awards, we’re proudly looking back of 25 years music history in the electronic music industry. Drizzly trance artists like Junk Project, Tukan, Flutlicht, AYU, Aquaplex, Solid Sleep, DJ Shog, Green Court, Rainbox, Human Force, Mike NRG, Reysan Khan, DJ Choose, Cosmic Culture, Wavetraxx, DJ Jan, Denga & Manus, Alex Bartlett, Dave Joy or Strings Of Harmony are just a small selection of very well-known names. Our imprint DRIZZLY ECLIPSE is the new signature label for quality trance products. Our intention is to build up an impressive portfolio of new artists and to relaunch a selection of our biggest anthems with new mixes. Demo contact: Follow us:

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