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Born in 1977 as Thomas Blum and having his current residency in a small town in the upper north of Germany named Bad Oldesloe - situated between Hamburg and Lübeck - , Tom Cloud may very well be the answer to Germany’s national trance recession. With trance in virtually all aspects currently stuck in a niche market in his homeland, Tom Cloud is one of the few last men standing on the forefront of spreading the love for trance on a global scale. As a dedicated flag bearer of his genre, Tom Cloud got labelled as one of the fastest rising up-and-coming artists in the trance scene and a true representative of new generation trance artists.

As a seventies born and eighties raised kid, Tom got severely influenced by eighties synthpop icons Depeche Mode. Playing the Depeche Mode albums 101 (1998) and Violator (1990) stuck on repeat while growing up, Tom effortlessly absorbed the art of electronic music like a sponge and developed an affection for all that has to do with electronic based compositions. Fellow German producers Jam & Spoon struck a musical nerve upon releasing their classic track Stella and early releases by Moby and especially the album The Sound Of Frankfurt by German trance guru Taucher inspired Tom to pursue a career in dance music even more. In a later stage, it was Daft Punk and Tom’s soon to be label boss Tiësto who injected Tom with a dose of inspiration for his future releases.

In 2006, Tom appeared on the scene with his single release Told You So, which got signed to Dutch company Black Hole Recordings, one of the most prolific companies in dance history. Black Hole Recordings owner Tiësto adopted Tom to his imprint and jumpstarted Tom’s career by incorporating this single into his legendary mix album In Search Of Sunrise Volume 5 - Los Angeles. The single became one of the most requested tracks taken from this mix album and soon afterwards sky rocketed to the number one position in the Beatport Sales Charts. Volume 6 of the In Search Of Sunrise series, The Ibiza edition, allowed Tom to extend his glory as Tiësto added another Tom Cloud production to the track list: Mercury Room.

Tom’s productions are characterized by spine piercing melody riffs, epic breakdowns and a high level of sensitiveness throughout his compositions, not fearing the use of analogue instruments and classical pieces. His follow up singles, released in 2007 on Black Hole’s In Trance We Trust imprint Million Miles Away, Vanilla Sky, Carpe Diem and Ray Of Light all became highly successful releases and gained Tom a great deal of respect from both his peers as well as trance devotees around the world. Tom took a brief sidestep in 2007 from his home base In Trance We Trust with the release of the single Secretly - featuring the vocals of singer/songwriter Tiff Lacey - on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance, marking Tom Cloud as one of those rare artists honoured with releases on labels owned and run by the global number one and number two DJ.

Being under the wings of Tiësto resulted in a string of opportunities for Tom Cloud. Tom was asked to remix some of the biggest names in the trance industry such as Andrew Bennett, Cosmic Gate, Andy Moor, Carl B and Johan Gielen, amongst others. However, Tom experienced his ultimate high remix-wise when Tiësto personally asked him to remix one of his upcoming singles. The Tom Cloud remix for Tiësto’s production Sweet Things was conceived, got added to the original version and promptly became a worldwide monster tune, making Tom Cloud a household name in the trance genre.Being an acclaimed producer demands for stage performances. Tom started to play his first international gigs as a DJ and it didn’t take long before Tom was asked to perform at the annual Trance Energy event in 2008, the most important platform for any self respecting trance artist. Ever since his Trance Energy performance, playing alongside a.o. Sean Tyas, John O Callaghan and Sied van Riel in the Future Stage area, Tom travels the entire planet to showcase his DJ abilities by appearing on the biggest festivals and in high profile clubs.

The era ahead looks even more promising as Tom will present his debut artist album called A New Day on Black Hole Recordings in 2010. Collaborations on this album are ones of high standard; Tom’s favourite vocalists Antonia Lucas, Tiff Lacey and Esmaye as well as Russian dream team Moonbeam all joined in and will furnish the album with spectacular vocal sessions and additional production skills.

If every cloud has a silver lining, Tom Cloud’s lining must be made of pure gold... a man to keep your eyes and ears on in the near future

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