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Lorenzo al Dino

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Age unknown, 3 internationally successful record companies, thousands of DJ gigs, 4 albums as an artist, 2 music awards,  1 platin, 1 double platin & 1 gold award, 1 number 1 hit in UK, produced more then 400 records and finally won the Dj European Championship.

Can success be quantified? Probably.
Can Dj Lorenzo be quantified? No.

Even though the above mentioned figures are impressive, the Lorenzo phenomenon isn't explicable by numbers. But you can explain it by telling his life story. Born in Lecce, South Italy, Lorenzo achieved a worldwide breakthrough without compromising, without bending himself in any way. After so many years as a DJ and label boss he is still cutting edge, still lives today, is still hipper than any twentysomething. A star DJ without an interest in drugs, an ardent supporter of the FC St. Pauli footbal team, who collaborates with many brands, who adores his girlfriend's pasta, kicked off the eighties revival almost singlehandedly and rocked just about every club from New York to Tokyo. All that in a single lifetime. That is DJ Lorenzo al Dino.

Lorenzo al Dino began his professional career in the middle of the 80's. As a producer, he has released more than 400 discographic works on different labels around the world, lots of his tracks have reached high positions in the most important pop charts around the world.

Lorenzo's music has been licensed on tons of compilations in countries such as France, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Canada or Spain. Big compilers as 'Warner Music', 'Universal', 'Big City Beats' or 'Sony' to name a few have included Lorenzo's tracks in their compilation albums. He is the mastermind behind the CD serie 'On the beach - Las Salinas', 'Mountain de Luxe' and 'Jockey Club Ibiza'. All his music is available at iTunes and all platforms around the world.

Lorenzo produced & remixed international artists like Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Sonique, Enrique Iglesias, Bootsy Collins and around 100 stars during his career. He won the Austrian Amadeus Music Award under his moniker 7th District for best producer. Singles as 'Hypnotized', 'The Sound of Silence', 'Wicked Game' or 'Lullaby' have been in top Dj Charts.

As a professional deejay, he has made more than 4.000 sessions in the last 25 years. Lorenzo's style is effective, energic and 100% focused on the dance floor.