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Luka Knezevic a.k.a Lelú is a Belgrade (Serbia) based house music DJ & producer. He started producing in 2008 as a Drum & Bass artist and trough personal evolution stationed himself in house music, where he's known best for a unique flirt of 90's Hip-Hop, Funk, Disco & Acid sounds.

Raised by a singer and vinyl collector, Luka was exposed to different music genres from an early age on. On top, since his uncle was a guitar player and his grandfather well-known songwriter, it was inevitable that Luka will take the same steps one day.

Being an actor for the first 10 years of his professional life, Luka had roles in two movies, two theater plays, as well as tv shows and commercials. Music, however, remained an important part of his development and shaped him personally during that period.

In 2008, Luka started producing Drum & Bass, which lead to several EP's, singles and numerous gigs around his country. 2014 was the year when he fell in love with house music.

Under a different alias, Lelú  started his journey trough House Music and caught the attention of Universal Music where he was signed as a remixer. During that period, he played at Exit Festival, became part of a local organization called "Beat" and continued his sonic evolution.

In 2017 Luka's main project Lelú  was born where he found his own and unique sound.

The YouTube channel "Houseum" started actively supporting his releases, which opened him the door to a vast majority of support. Mixmag being on the front row asked him to mix one of their podcast, and publicized one of his songs as a free download.

In the past year, Lelú  played with names such as Loco Dice, Seth Troxler, Jackmaster, Baltra, no_4mat, Demuja and many more.

Even since this project is still in its founding shoes, Lelú 's charisma and energy are channeling trough his feel-good music and his sets are proof enough that he will continue to grow and share his vision with the world.