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Dennis Ruyer

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It had to happen eventually. If you destroy your dads turntable at the age of 4, a life filled with music is inevitable. Brings electronic music to the masses with his awardwinning radio show ‘Dance Department’. With more than two million listeners every month, Dennis his music selection is a favourite amongst many music lovers around the globe. This has been rewarded by his audience.

‘Dance Department was voted ‘Best podcast of the World’ at WMC2008 in Miami. This Spring ‘Dance Department On Air’ kicked off. A residency of Dennis Ruyer inviting friends from all over the world. A quality night in electronic music. Every Saturday in Amsterdam’s hottest venue ‘AIR’.

Not only his radiocareer, but also his music productions with musical partner PrinsJan are noticed. Building their high-end studio in the year 2006, things start to pay off finally.

Their sonic ideas are a burst of creativity, filled with passion and organic, analog sounds in a modern computer society. “We just love tweaking knobs .. , and Dennis is a madman on ebay, all the time on the lookout for analog toys” PrinsJan points at a vintage vocoder they just used for one of their tracks. Their latest succes , a rework of Sander Kleinenberg’s instant classic ‘My Lexicon’ is hammered by a few dj’s who have it : Sasha, Digweed, Sander Kleinenberg, Eric Prydz ,The Swedish House Mafia, Ferry Corsten & Tiësto.

“Dennis: I love being in the studio, i could live here, that’s why the first release we did was called ‘Daylight is Overrated” A true expression of passion for electronic music.

With production partner PrinsJan, Dennis released music on high class labels, such as 90watts records, Earth Audio and Little Mountain Recordings. Tracks that will stir up many dance floors around the globe.

With his solo debut release coming up early 2010, and already a full festival summer agenda, will bring more sparkling excitement to his career in the next year.

For the past several years, Dennis Ruyer played at leading clubs and events in Europe, including Sander Kleinenberg’s ‘This is..’ events, Dutch festivals ‘A day at the park’, Welcome to the Future, Obsession Outdoor, and the leading festival in Romania ‘Liberty Parade’.

“I’m so thrilled everytime i walk into a club or festival packed with people, it’s a addiction , similar to my coffee addiction” he laughs. “I feel really blessed that i can share this passion for electronic music with so many people, this is a dream come true..”