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They say that dreams are our realities in waiting. And to achieve them, to make them happen, we
must work hard and plant the seeds to our future. If there’s one thing that New Brighton’s Danny
Eaton has understood, it’s that it takes a fight, a crazy amount of dedication and a fair bit of luck to
achieve his. But all the while, through his struggles with autism, this young music producer kept on
going. In the past 10 years, he’s worked himself up from a committed music fan to a talented studio
wizard, who doesn’t let a day go by without trying to learn something new. Driven by his one true
passion, Danny Eaton is the guy that teaches us to dream big.

“…I got highly fascinated with dance music…”

Danny’s story starts at the age of 11, when he was diagnosed with autism. It’s a label hard to accept,
and besides the inner conflicts of getting to know yourself at that age, Danny also struggled with a
non-existing social life. Having no friends and feeling isolated, his family and the school he was at,
decided it was best if he’d move to a specialist school. West Kirby’s residential school, not far from
New Brighton, became his new, second home. With around 100 pupils, the dedicated school
specialized in young people with autism and similar needs, and soon, Danny made friends and
started to get more comfortable living in his own skin. With a growing confidence, he started getting
out of the house more, and discovered some local under 18 club events. At that time, he got highly
fascinated with dance music, listening to the radio and attending clubs. Danny: “I caught the bug and
started investing my paper round money into DJ & production magazines. From that point, I decided
that a career path in music was what I wanted.”

“I decided that a career path in music was what I wanted.”

Easier said than done, especially with so many young lads fishing the same pool, trying to make a
living from music. Luckily, Danny found that the West Kirby’s school was the best thing that ever
happened in his life. They supported him completely, helped him develop life skills and pushed his
dreams and ambitions. They hooked Danny up with a weekly day of training placement with a local
music studio, called Fallen Industries. There, he quickly learned the ropes of the industry and got his
hands on all essential production equipment and software, as well as learning how to DJ.
Whilst still in normal classes, Danny thought it might be a good idea to do his GCSE in music, and
despite Danny’s experience using several different DAW’s to produce electronic dance music, he
failed the test. Unfortunately, at that time, it required the skills of playing an actual instrument to do
the qualification. He didn’t walk away though, and saw it through to the very end, keeping his head
held high and accepted it for what it was. Though his score turned out to be an F, he didn’t let that
define him or his choice to go for music.

“I was at a breaking point - I was going to give up music for good…”

Time had come to move on from school, to walk out and enter the big, wide world of college
education. Before Danny left the school that had supported him so much, he met up with the
school’s career advisor to discuss his options. Together, they found a music technology course, called
Liverpool Community College. Even though he needed high grades of Math, English and Science, the
college accepted the supporting evidence of Danny’s previous experience and invited him for an
interview. An intense meeting, especially for a person like Danny, dealing with autism. After two
weeks of stressing, worrying and losing sleep, he finally got the good news: he got in!
Though he had only 2 qualifications needed to even be accepted into the one-year course, he
defeated all odds. Danny studied all hours, dealt with a lot of pressure, stress and even got to the
breaking point when he thought of giving up on music for good. But after one year of holding on,
driven by his own determination and with the support from his college tutors, Danny left college with
the Music Technology diploma. Danny: “Through willpower, and driven by my desire to achieve it,
knowing I had it in me, I was able to overcome the obstacles that were in my way.”
That wasn’t the end of Danny’s trials though. After completing the course, he faced a new challenge.
He spent most of his day in his home studio, learning how to produce different genres by watching
YouTube tutorials. After a while, he came to a dead end and felt the same isolation as when he was
diagnosed with autism first. His condition took a turn for the worse, and Danny started feeling
extremely low and depressed. That’s when he took a break from everything, focusing on getting
better and finding his way back into the one thing he loved most: music.

“The desire to succeed in music has come back a thousand times stronger.”

Today, with 2017 upon us, music is exactly what drives him. Danny: “Something happened to me that
I can’t really explain, but I managed to get the spark back and the desire to succeed in the music
industry has come back a thousand times stronger.” Danny got back into the studio, with new
stamina. His productions and productivity have massively improved, and it’s like the break from
music has done him nothing but good. It’s Danny’s dogged mind and relentless energy that has taken
him to a level that stretches far beyond the average bedroom DJ and aspiring producer. Perfecting
his tunes, DJ skills and constantly bending the genres through studio experiments, the entire
spectrum of dance music appeals to this young talent, who – despite his condition – won’t ever give

“I’m not going to stop until I get my music out there.”
With an immense passion for music, surrounded by positive people and with the right goals in mind,
Danny couldn’t be more focused right now. Having grown so much already, one thing’s for sure: we’ll
be hearing from this talented go-getter in the near future – a bright future that is. Danny: “I’m not
going to stop until I get my music out and I’m signed to the biggest labels possible. I’ll continue to
take all chances and opportunities to make a promising career for myself.”