"Trance Classics - The Black Hole Edition" available now!


Over the last decade and a half, Black Hole Recordings has grown to become one of the world's biggest independent labels. It is therefore no surprise that Black Hole was the imprint behind many of the greatest hits in the world of electronic dance; tracks that have all become true classics for nearly every DJ on the planet. This new release, "Trance Classics - The Black Hole Edition" subtly showcases this fact with 32 of the best trance hits known to man.

The digital only compilation “Trance Classics - The Black Hole Edition” features the absolute cream of the crop from Andy Duguid, First State, Alex Kunnari, DJ SL, Eyal Barkan & Yahel, Progression, DJ Tiësto, Kamaya Painters, Allure, Ton TB, Cor Fijneman, Mark Norman, Andain, Estuera, Midway and many, many others. Of course you will find unique edits and fabulous remixes, such as System F featuring Armin van Buuren's "Exhale" in the Armin van Buuren Edit, DJ Tiësto's "Sparkles" in the Airscape Remix or Mr Sam’s “Lyteo” in the Rank 1 Remix and a choice of other outstanding renditions.

“Trance Classics - The Black Hole Edition” is a must have compilation that provides you with 32 of the absolute best trance classics that have shaped and changed the world of electronic dance music forever!

"Trance Classics - The Black Hole Edtion" is now available through iTunes, Audiojelly or the portal of your personal preference.

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