New "Anthems & Hymns Vol. 2" compilation out now!


Black Hole Recordings continues the story that took off with the first release in this series. Volume 2 of "Anthems & Hymns", once again showcases the absolute best of the best trance tracks; from the very first releases dating back to the mid-nineties, all the way into the new millennium's year 2011.

Black Hole Recordings painstakingly went through their archives and assembled a suberp tracklist featuring 50 of the biggest successes from the past 14 years up to today. For the true collectors in general and the dedicated trance fan in particular it is going to be a blast to finally own the classics from Tiësto, Kamaya Painters, Airscape, Carl B, Phynn, Airbase, First State featuring Anita Kelsey and also the more recent hits by Sied van Riel, Virtual Vault, Trebbiano, Julius Beat & Eddy Karmona, Progression and many, many more.

Expand your collection with those full length (and in some cases long out of print) original versions; with 50 anthems and hymns you know you can get the party started!

"Anthems & Hymns, Vol. 2" is available as digital download on iTunes, Beatport, Junodownload, Trackitdown, Dance-Tunes or the portal of your personal preference.

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